We will create a mining pool for your cryptocurrency. The pool is based off NOMP and is easy to manage compared to other pool software. NOMP has a few implicit security features that are appealing for both the operator and the users:

No registration/login system, non-security-oriented miners reusing passwords across pools is no longer a concern.

Automated payouts so operators need not worry about payment.

Pool profits are sent to your personal wallet, not stored on the server – giving hackers little reason to attack it.

Coin Info
Link to Source CodeProvide a link to your coin's source code, preferably github
Pool Parameters
Pool Operator Profit PercentageThis is the percentage of all coins mined that will go to you, the pool operator. The rest will go to the miners. You may enter any value, but somewhere between 0% and 5% is suggested.

Please enter a value between 0 and 100.

Payment AddressPool profits will be sent to this address.
VPS Info
You will need to provide us with root access to a x64 Ubuntu VPS in order to set up your pool.
Server IP
Root Password
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