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Services from Vchain for your Initial Coin Offering?

Vchain will rank first when you find ICO agencies that provide marketing, development, design and other ICO services, and team up with them to successfully launch your project. Vchain ICO Service offters the ability to blend best practices of both public relations and investor relations. Creation of a white paper followed by social media blasts is just not enough. A combined effort of thought leadership, credibility, channel creation and research is required for a credible ICO launch.


ICO App – To Quickly Sell Digital Tokens

ICO Smart Contracts

ICOs is built on Ethereum network issue ERC 20 compatible tokens to its users via Smart Contracts which limits the association/singular holding the ICO from making a larger number of tokens than initially indicated in the underlying contract.

With ICO Smart Contracts, engineers can exploit the security the Ethereum protocol gives, taking out extra specialized overhead and many-sided quality. Vchian has skillful engineers who can code feature-rich ICO Smart Contractt as indicated by you.

ICO Website

A guest of your ICO site may have some data already and may search for details, or he can be somebody who is absolutely uninformed about your ICO and was simply haphazardly hunting the web down an ICO to put into. In this way, an ICO Website turns into the most critical place for correspondence between a potential speculator and the undertaking. It must contain point by point data about the present progress of the project, future improvement designs, the team behind the project and so on.

The layout of the ICO sites is according to the requirement of clients . Be that as it may, a portion of the vital regular parts of the ICO sites created by Vchain incorporates Project Presentation, Investment Information, Details of Projects & Token, Developer Team, White Paper, Sign-Up form and so forth.

Pre-ICO Landing Page

Pre-ICO gives a chance to users to purchase tokens before the official crowdsale. Ordinarily, pre-ICOs raise a substantially amount of money, since they offer tokens at a lower price. The accomplishment of a Pre-ICO is one of the measures of general certainty about how confident the investors are in the project.

Vchain has demonstrated its perfection in Web Development Service, and with our broad research and learning of ICOs, we can configuration eye-finding pre-ICO presentation pages which will doubtlessly awe your financial specialists and seek after them further to put resources into your tokens. We give you a decision of different formats and plans while giving recommendation on key data which your ICO Landing Page must have.


ICO Campaign PR for Creating the Huge Popularity
for Your Initial Token Crowdsale

Social Media

Vchain post and follow numnerous topics on BitcoinTalk for coordinate collaboration with the intended audience which is an ideal place to answer inquiries, disperse questions, and introduce the audience to the developers. We provide intensive management of social networks and timely propagation of information about the campaign in all the accounts.

Aside from overseeing activity on main social stages, Vchain also works on blogs for you on prominent channels like Medium to educate the intended audience about the project, the ICO terms and conditions, the market and the potential of your project. We completely monitor channels like Slack and Telegram for you all the time and answer every one of the inquiries brought up in time, dispersing any questions.


We configuration eye catching PPC Ads for your project and target right audience to convey the coveted outcomes. Some of the popular platform on which we take off paid promoting are:


Vchain employs core PR tools for the PR support of your ICO such as:

  • Press releases
  • Post-event releases
  • Copywriting of information
  • Materials Marketing Collaterals

Bounty & Airdrop Campaigns

Bounty & Airdrop Campaigns encourage the communities to promote your project in exchange for a reward in tokens. Vchain Bounty & Airdrop Campaignss are very versatile. We do multi campaigns on all the major channels.

Exchange Listing Support

If you want to release the full potential of your tokens, then you have to get it listed on popular and qualified exchanges. The process of getting a token listed on the different exchange requires a negotiation and careful discussion. There are some technical specifications to be provided to the exchanges before your token can be added. .

Vchain assures that your wallet is bugs-free before the listing. We take all duty of the contacting from technical specification to coin listing charge, so that you can just jocus on your project. You can fully rest the responsibility of getting your token listed on different popular exchanges on us.